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The security of sensitive data is often neglected. Only an encryption provide a full protection of the files on your computer or sending by email. abylon BASIC is a collection to encrypt, sign, compress, search, copy or move your files and folders. All modules integrates itself completely into the context menu of the File Explorer. With the Easy Encryption technology (EEnTe) only a few steps are necessary to protect your files. Thereby the secret based SYMM-System and the X.509-certificate-based HYBRID-System are supported. As secret it is possible to enter a password over the keyboard or to use a removable media (e. g. memory stick), a smart card or CD. abylon CRYPTZIP is a surface for creating and editing compressed ZIP archives, whereby the encryption and signing also supported. Functionality abylon PASTE optimise the copying and moving procedure of files. For example unchanged files are not copied, from changed files make a backup and after moving the source files to the target, the source files are wipe automatically! The module abylon FIND can find also your hidden files and folders on your hard disk.

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